Smoking Dog Publishing is a division of Career Consultations for publishing and distribution of products.  We send books and products to you with lighting-fast speed or like a smoking dog!

The Smoking Dog name evolved over a number of years.   The owner, Ruth Glover, loves dogs and other animals, including people.  She has befriended many stray dogs in her life, currently owning a large gangly Manchester Terrior named Fargo, rescued via the Texas Miniature Pinscher Rescue organization.  She also loves all things French as she majored in French at Ohio State University before getting her Masters in Counseling at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.  On a trip to France about ten years ago, she noticed a restaurant called Le Chien Qui Fume which translates literally “The Dog Who Smokes.”  She simply thought it was an amusing name. 

Later, as Ruth thought about a title for the publishing company, she wanted a title with an upbeat tone.  She wants ordering a book to be very fast, like a “smoking dog” at the race track.  Your book order will be sent as quickly as the name suggests.

Naming this division of Career Consultations allowed Ruth some fun in creating a logo after choosing this name.  She asked her grand-daughters (ages six and seven) to draw a “smoking dog” and combined their efforts for the logo.

The business is family owned and operated.  Ted Glover is the Lead Dog (his choice for title) for Smoking Dog Publishing.  He’s the right hand of the organization, responsible for IT, publishing and distribution.  Feel free to contact him.  He likes to talk and provides a fabulous job with book layout!